Breezy Display App

The Breezy Display App allows connection to an embedded controller, like an Arduino device. The device sends a data feed to the app, which displays it. The app can be configured for different screen layouts and different data feeds, with a straightforward JSON file. It can read data from a USB serial connection, Bluetooth/RFCOMM, a socket connection to a URL, or a server socket opened on the display device.

Sample Screens

The data feed can include a screen configuration to define a new feed structure and a new screens.


More Information...

This app is being used in the Breezy Crisis Emergency Ventilator project operated through the JOGL OpenCovid19 Initiative. Source is available in the project's GitHub repository under display_app.

Breezy-Display is offered under the MIT License. Please refer to that license for information about fitness for any particular purpose. The app itself is a generic tool for visualizing data, and is in no way seeks to "capitalize on a natural disaster, atrocity, conflict, death, or other tragic event." Such applications are prohibited by the Google Play Sensitive Events Policy.

See the repository's README file for more information and documentation.